Language week in Galway

Galway – definitely worth a trip

Trip and destination…

This fall we went to Ireland for a week – more precisely to Galway, a vibrant city on the northwest coast. A very early morning bus from Hartberg to Bratislava, a flight to Dublin, a coach to Galway – what a trip! How happy we were to fall into the cosy beds of our host families!

People and culture…

At dinnertime we could talk to our host parents and were amazed by their friendliness. Also in little street encounters or in shops we noticed how polite and kind Irish people are in general, so we didn’t feel like strangers.

In the mornings we went to language school. We learned some facts about Ireland and had a lot of fun with our lovely teachers. After the lessons we enjoyed the free time to explore the city full of students and all kinds of music and dance. Try Irish Dancing if you ever get the chance! After a dance lesson we realised how difficult it is.


On the weekend we went on guided bus trips. The Cliffs of Moher and Connemara and the gardens of Kylemore Abbey were the main attractions; however, we were most impressed by the cliffs with stunning views and luckily neither mist nor rain. You should see how enormous they are!

Back home…

On Wednesday we took a plane back to Austria (- we almost didn’t because many flights were cancelled because of a violent storm).

Our trip was cool and interesting and we learned about the culture of Ireland and the city of Galway which is definitely worth a trip.

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