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Höhere Bundeslehranstalt für wirtschaftliche Berufe Hartberg

Edelseegasse 13
8230 Hartberg

T: +43 (0) 5 02 48 05 9
F: +43 (0) 5 0248 059 999

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HLW Hartberg in 5 Minutes

Matura and Vocational Education

We offer a practice-oriented economic education. It complements the comprehensive general education with two foreign languages.

At our school you will receive a versatile and well-rounded education in the following educational areas:

  • Food Management
  • Gastronomy & Hotel Sector
  • Economic Education
  • Language & Communication with English and Italian as Foreign Languages
  • Mathematics, Science and Nutrition
  • Community, Art & Culture

Our educational content, the “Unternehmerprüfung” (it means that you are entitled to run and open a business) and the specialist training in kitchen and restaurant management opens up many professional and personal opportunities for students – after the finals graduates  may choose a career in a company, self-employment or academic studies.

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Professional and University Entrance Qualifications

Your Degree

  • final examination (Matura) with all university entrance qualifications
  • vocational diploma (Diplomprüfung) certifying completion of vocational training
  • “Unternehmerprüfung”, which is a certificate that allows one to open and run a business

You can work in the fields of business & administration, gastronomy & hospitality, healthcare, tourism and food industry.

Professional Qualifications

  • Hotel and Hospitality Assistant
  • Chef
  • Gastronomy Specialist
  • Restaurant Specialist
  • Office Clerk
  • Operational Services Assistant

Internship days and compulsory internship

Together with our partners, mostly well-known hotels and spas in the region, we carry out practical work days in the first year. Under the guidance of the specialist staff, one will work in the individual departments (kitchen, service, housekeeping, reception), gain insight into the operating processes of a tourism company and experience first-hand what demands the economy places on these jobs.

In the third year, the practical work days take you to food manufacturing and processing companies. A variety of insights into the products and the innovative product manufacturing of regional companies await you.

Between year 3 and year 4 students gain practical experience during a compulsory work placement of at least 12 weeks.

Junior Companies

In the third year you found your own company and take entrepreneurial steps. You can put the knowledge from a wide variety of subjects into practice - depending on which product or service you choose.

You run your company for a whole school year, during which you go through all business phases - founding the company, product development, production, sales and marketing.

  • we are motivated, dynamic young entrepreneurs
  • we develop our own business idea
  • we set up and run a real company
  • we apply acquired theoretical knowledge in practice

Our Specialization/Key Course Food Management

Critical questions about food management are the focus of this new programme. It meets the demands of well-known food processing companies in the region perfectly.

Students can expect future- and application-oriented education that qualifies one for production, sales and marketing.

Our curriculum includes hygiene, quality and content management as well as social media marketing.

In the second school year, students prepare for the examination to become a certified hygiene supervisor in the subjects of food chemistry, hygiene control, process operation and an internship in microbiology.

The knowledge gained in the subject food sales marketing can be applied practically in junior companies.

In the fourth year, students focus on either nutritional trends or how balanced nutrition can keep one healthy. In addition, you can improve your English skills in the preparation course for the Business English Certificate.

In the last school year students learn how to use the accounting software BMD as well as practise food sensory science and analytics.

Additional Qualifications

In our school you can acquire numerous additional qualifications. These qualifications serve to deepen your existing skills and interests. From hygiene management and language certificates to commercial software and IT. We offer a wide range of skills for your future professional life!

  • With the additional qualification "Diplom Hygiene Manager" in cooperation with WIFI Styria, you will learn everything that is needed to secure the hygienic standards of a company
  • PLIDA certificate exam – prove your language skills in Italian
  • BEC – Business English Certificate issued by the University of Cambridge
  • BMD & SAP – essential IT knowledge - the starting advantage in professional life
  • Erasmus+ projects to widen your horizon and get to know your European neighbours
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