HLW Students in IRELAND:

English Language Trip to Bray/Dublin and surroundings 

On October 2nd   thirty-nine students of the HLW Hartberg, together with their accompanying teachers,  left for a one-week language trip to Ireland in order to improve their level of English, experience life with Irish host families and explore the east coast of Ireland and its capital city Dublin in particular.

Many things had been said, assumed and researched about Ireland beforehand and THIS is what THE REAL IRELAND is like – here’s our Story: 

Irish Weather: Ireland is renowned to have four seasons in one day, ranging from the brightest sunshine to the wildest and coldest of storms, all in one day. It’s true!

Irish Humour: We experienced the Irish to be extremely friendly, welcoming and humorous in their own way. And no, not all the Irish have red hair, as a matter of fact, only a few of them show reddish hair colour. Is that fair enough? J

Irish Food: The Irish food is very tasty and includes a lot of dishes that you can as well find on the main British island like fish and chips, baked beans, the very special “onion & vinegar” flavoured crisps, black pudding, and of course, the Irish stew. Yummy!

Cliffs & Seawalks: Ireland offers the most stunning and scenic seaside walkways anybody can imagine! The cliffwalk from Bray to Greystones took us about 2 hours and was extraordinarily beautiful. We took dozens of pictures and had a great time!

Faries & Leprechauns: No, we did not encounter any leprechauns – or did we? They might just be invisible for Austrian eyes. However, on our guided tour through the Malahide Castle, which is situated north of Dublin, we were informed that there are six ghosts haunting Malahide Castle up to this day. Scary!

Dublin! Everything we had read and heard about Dublin turned out to be true – it is a colourful, lively, modern city with pubs and shops and restaurants at every corner, especially in Dublin’s wildest district, the “Temple Bar”. “Carrols” became the shopping haven for the Austrians: Irish T-shirts, jewellery, chocolate bars – every kind of souvenir you can possibly think of, most of it coloured in green J  What else!

Facebook, Google & Co: What we found out is that Dublin is not only one of the most important exporters of computer software, our tour guides proudly reported that the European headquarters of world-famous companies like “Google”, “Facebook” and “Paypal”  are all situated in Dublin!  Interesting!

Austrian students in Ireland: Host families, tour guides, people in the streets – they all agreed on one thing: Austrian students are one of the most pleasant, well-behaved teenagers they have come across, and besides, their command of the English language is widely acknowledged.

Respect and compliments to the students of the HLW! You did well! 

And as the Irish say:

“Slán agat” – goodbye, until we meet again!









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